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What Should We Be Investing In During This Downturn?

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What Should We Be Investing In During This Downturn?
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  1. I am so in love with this channel. I am 40 years old and just started investing in stocks, and ETFs. I even started my IRA, and 401k with the help of my licensed trade analyst, I’ve been able to compound over $16k in profits from my trades.. It’s exciting, and I’m learning wish 25 year old me knew this stuff. Always look forward to your next content.

  2. The year 2020 taught everyone that investing smart is the best way and most intelligent way to survive in any circumstance.
    All major asset where down due to the covid19 global pandemic that ravages major countries of the world.
    Several institutions were closed due to lack of proper functionality, and several investors lost money due to the pandemic.
    By February, a friend of mine introduced me to invest in crypto. However, I have heard about it before, I was not ready, and by March that all asset was down in price, I took the opportunity and invested with the advice of a professional Nyberg Hansson who equally taught me how to trade as well.
    I invested when the price was $4200, and I bought 3BTC, fast forward to May, my investment have already doubled, and equally, I have made a huge profit from trading, even when everyone is complaining about the lockdown, I smile because I trade 7 days a week without hindrance.
    Don’t let this pandemic keep your finances in a stagnant position, contact Nyberg Hansson today on how to get started with your crypto investing journey on nyberghansson@gmailcom, Telegram @nyberghan, and WhatsApp +447723292381, and surely take the opportunity now to begin your life-changing investment.

  3. I hate that he's so obsessed with mutual funds. Sure, buy a mutual fund during this market downturn, I'm sure you'll do fine with it. But March was a time to buy individual stocks that were strong companies egregiously beaten down (Apple at $210, Microsoft at $135, Amazon at $1600, Facebook at $135) not to buy mutual funds. To advise against picking individual stocks in a market downturn is so stupid. Sure, you'd have made maybe 30% with a good S&P500 ETF of broad market Mutual Fund if you bought at the VERY lowest in March. But I picked individual stocks during that time and I've returned nearly 90%. Of course you have to do your research, but this mutual fund obsession isn't always the smartest way.

  4. Why does he keep pushing mutual funds? Is he getting paid by some MF companies?

    He makes absolutely no mention of metals (silver, platinum, gold) or cashflow properties.

  5. My mutual funds are still climbing in value during the pandemic and have been returning anywhere from 13% to 20% over the past 10 years. Plenty of great opportunities out there, even now. Lots of online brokerage sites to help you compare mutual funds and do your due diligence on the mutual fund managers and top holdings.

  6. Wow, don't listen to this garbage. Yes, put your money into mutual funds so you can lose all your money again just like with your 401K when the whole market goes down AGAIN… If you have a 401k and lost all your money when the market dropped, what do you think is going to happen if you put it into mutual funds? You save your money and you learn to invest properly in great companies that pay you to own them. You want to be like the 99%, invest in mutual funds, you don't, actually learn something and do the work and learn how to invest properly

  7. The best thing to invest in, is education. Self education. Child's education. Spouse education. Extended family education. Village education. I friend of mine became an american doctor. He lives in a small apartment and sends kids from his village in Cameroon to college in Europe.

  8. Invest in tax benefit investments
    Fully fund your ROTH IRA – 6k a year
    Fully fund your 401k – 19k a year
    Fund your kids 529 plans
    If you have $ left over after that then you can look at individual stocks, real estate etc

  9. Did i just hear dave say he didnt have any spare cash to put in the stock market??? The man who says hes a multi millionaire and then says on the same show he doesnt have spare cash. and as far as mutual funds go thats great but to tell people to be boring and pass up cheap stocks that are rock solid for boring mutual funds is beyond boring. its ok to play it safe but to not ever take any risk in these times is just plain wrong.

  10. I’m surprised no one has mentioned buying precious metals, especially gold. Investing in the stock market is a really dumb idea right now, seeing how manipulated it is at this time of crisis. Get gold, as the US dollar is about to become as worthless as Venezuelan toilet paper

  11. Question – If a couple (in their mid 30s) with 3 pre-schoolers make a net pay of $12k a month and after family expenses, they save between 4k to 5k every month. They are currently renting an apartment, have saved one year emergency funds of $60k, have no debt except 150k in federal student loans debt. They are looking to buy a house but torn between paying off that student loan debt in 2/3 years or buy a house now that interest rate is low. What would you suggest?

  12. I'm up 25% on VTI after buying the initial dip. Quick couple hundred bucks if I sell it Monday, I'll hold on to it and hope for some stabilization. No skin off my teeth. Lesson is don't bet the farm if you don't have a couple dozen other farms you can fall back on. Be smart, invest in education (not necessarily University), invest in discipline and stoicism during chaotic times and reap the dividends of intelligent decisions in a time of severe uncertainty.

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