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‘Broke’ teen who quit McDonald’s now earns $50,000 a month from eBay business

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Olivia Percoco, 18, was ‘completely broke’ and hated work – she quit her job and now lives a life of luxury after founding her own business selling products on eBay

A teenager has ditched her job at McDonalds to enjoy a life of designer clothes, travel and luxury thanks to starting her own business on eBay.

Olivia Percoco, from Melbourne in Australia, decided to launch a new business in 2020 before Covid hit.

The e-commerce eBay store “took off” mid 2021 and is now thriving.

The 18-year-old has invested her time into a “dropshipping” business which is a popular money-making scheme, which involves shipping products from the manufacturer directly to the customer for the retailer.

After speaking to Daily Mail Australia, she claimed to have turned over more than $500,000 (£282,009) in just two years.

Percoco also claims to have made $50,000 (£28,200) in just one month.

Spending her time on social media, Percoco tracks what is trending and what is most in demand and then uses her research to make a profit.

She claims to be completely self taught, having spend her free time in the first Covid lockdown Youtubing videos on drop shipping which taught her “everything she knows”.

Olivia used to work at McDonalds before launching her online store and says she was “completely broke”.

“I hated working, it wasn’t fun, so I googled ways to make money online and came across drop shipping” she said.

After hours of research and seeing how much money other people were making online, she decided to give it a try on a store of her own.

Initially, Olivia took to the popular shopping platform, Shopify. However, she didn’t feel she was making enough sales, so she turned to eBay.

Olivia sells a variety of products, including coffee machines, gardening items, mouse pads, desks, DIY supplies, phone cases and home storage/organisation products.

She feels it’s important to not limit her business to a niche, but instead include lots of items for her customers.

Last year her best selling product was a reversible octopus plush which went viral on TikTok, while this year the Starbucks coffee pod machine is reigning supreme.

The key to making money and success with drop shipping is focusing on the demand for the product and then decide whether it’s worth adding to your store.

Olivia now does this full time and is able to support her luxe lifestyle completely from her profits, which she shows on her TikTok account.

In future Olivia hopes to grow her business and go to university to study marketing.

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