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I swear I only work 20 hours a week & make $100k a month – follow my step by step side hustle guide to do the same

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A BLOGGER who has claimed to consistently make $100,000 a month from her side hustle has now detailed a step by step guide on how she is able to make the cash.

Rosemarie Groner insists she works just 20 hours a week to make the six figure salary and it’s all down to her approach in setting up her site, the Busy Budgeter.

And she told Side Hustle Nation she went from earning $18 to earning $100,000 a month in the space of just two and half years.

Rosemarie did that by “eliminating anything that wasn’t important for my growth,” she adds.

The former state trooper has now detailed a 12 point plan and step by step guide with the aim of helping others to replicate her success.

She tells aspiring bloggers that they should first start by deciding if the venture is for money or pleasure.

Rosemarie – who gave up her home-based daycare business to focus on her blog – at first utilized the power of Pinterest to generate interest in the site.

She said she was able to increase traffic to her page by more than 25 times in just 60 days after creating multiple boards, creating a “best of your site” and tracking which pins generate traffic.

Aspiring bloggers should then decide on a niche and chose a name for their site before finding a website host and getting WordPress.

She writes: “If you want your blog to make money (even if you’re also blogging for pleasure) then you need to be self-hosted on WordPress.”

Rosemarie also tells aspiring side hustlers that they should get a theme for their blog and a logo.

Finally, she says they should start writing.

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She adds: “I did everything that I just told you about and I gave myself one year.

“One year to sacrifice and treat those 10 hours a week that I spent blogging as my job.

“Every single cent that I made from the blog until I was making more than $1,000/month went right back into the blog. The only thing I purchased up front was my domain name, hosting, and theme.

“Then I used my profits to buy the things that would make the biggest difference to my income.”

More recently Rosemarie has detailed how a decision to stop focusing on search engine optimization may have seen her hits decrease but she notes that her revenue has still increased.

She has also starting selling her own products rather then relying on others.

Rosemarie explains that she started a blog to help others with their financial planning.

“I figured if I could help just one other person like me… It would be worth it,” she adds.

“Well, turns out there’s a lot of people like me. The blog exploded and has helped over 18 million readers and counting.”

While starting a side hustle can be easy, its best not to overlook the tax implications of a new stream of income.

Any side job that nets you over $400 in annual income requires that you file a 1099 form reporting your income.

And jobs that pay you through online processors like PayPal or Venmo require a 1099-K form specifically.

The US Sun has already reported on a woman who gets paid $100 an hour just for reading books.

And YouTuber Monique Hinton explained a side hustle that involves using a super easy software to design coloring books that you can sell through Amazon.

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