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SIDE CASH I’m an entrepreneur and here are the five best side hustles to make up to an extra $9,600 each month

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SIDE hustles can be a great way to make some extra money in addition to your full-time job.

Recent research from PYMNTS’ found that 64% of consumers were living paycheck-to-paycheck in January as the inflation rate continues to surge.

That figure is up 3% from the levels in December 2021.

And another survey from Bankrate shows that three in 10 Americans need to work a side hustle just to cover the cost of normal living expenses.

The average side hustler earns an average of $1,222 per month, according to Side Hustle Nation.

But you might even be able to earn thousands more, according to TikTok user “therealmelaninking.”

The user, who refers to himself as Melanin King, is a real estate agent and an entrepreneur.

In a recent video, he revealed five side hustles that can earn you up to $9,600 per month.

1. Fiver 

One of them is Fiver, which can be downloaded on your phone via an app.

Through this app, you can sell your services.

This might include graphics and design, digital marketing, programming, and writing.

“You can easily charge $50 or more depending on what you’re doing,” Melanin said.

“If you sell your service at $50 and you get five sales a day – that’s $250 per day.”

2. Couch flipping

This next one might require some heavy lifting – but it can earn you a significant amount of cash.

There are two online tools you can use for couch flipping, which includes Offer up or Facebook marketing.

You’ll need to search “free couches” on the marketplace, then clean and pick them up.

According to Malanin, you can “easily” sell the couches in the range of $200 to $600.

Selling eight couches per week for $300 will earn you $2,400.

Over a month, this equals $9,600.

3. Re-sell old products

These products do not have to be yours and can be bought from thrift stores.

This includes Goodwill, which is a nonprofit organization that sells donated items to help those with disabilities and “other barriers.”

Through its store, it has several types of products including clothing, computers, jewelry, and musical instruments.

“Pick up any items you can, they are going to be selling them for dirt cheap,” Malanin said.

“You can easily clean them up, take some better-quality pictures, and remarket them.”

These can be listed on Facebook, Offer up, or Craigslist.

4. DoorDash

Delivering food through DoorDash can also earn you some extra money.

DoorDash allows its drivers to work their own hours.

Through the Dash app, drivers can see a map of busy areas and schedule a time range they want to work.

Those interested in trying it out can sign up online or through the app.

Malanin said dashers can make “easily $300 per day” delivering food through the app.

5. Real Estate Bird dog

This last one was posted in the comment section of Malanin’s video.

For those who don’t know, a Bird Dog serves as a scout for a real estate investor.

Their responsibility is to look for properties that have investment upside.

“Find distressed properties, write down the address, go on Facebook or craigslist and find investors to give them the property address,” Malanin said.

You’ll be paid between $500 and $1,500 for each property the investor closes on, according to Malanin.

For more on how you can make a little extra money, see five ways you can do this with a new house.

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