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Scanning for Stocks in THINKORSWIM (Day & Swing)

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Scanning for Stocks in THINKORSWIM (Day & Swing)
How do you setup your scans? Let everyone know in the comments!

In this video I talk about 3 scanners I like to use to filter through stocks on a daily/weekly basis for day trading and for swing trading.

The more specific your scanner is, the less likely it will pull up stocks, but when they do then you have a higher probability of finding a setup that fits your trading regimen.

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  1. I cannot set my filters to look exactly like yours. I can set the stock filters %change, Last, and volume – but cannot figure out how to set the custom study as you have. Also, Mtn Climbers isn't listed as a query I can load. Can you share that with us? I believe Thinkorswim gives you the option to share it. Thanks!

  2. Interesting, but… my TOS will not let me have many of the choices you have picked. And typed EXACTLY like you have and says syntax error. Will not correct.

  3. Thanks for the video … is there any reason you also switch from SMA to EMA when you change the lengths from 50 to 20 in several of the conditions of the second swing trade scanning setup?

  4. can you explain your scanner custom filter on dip on uptrend and how exactly you did each one? You did the first two visually but not the last 3. Thank you!

  5. For the Swing Trade #1, how long would you say do you usually hold. I actually used today morning and it’s up 40 bucks on a 500 dollar investment. How long should you hold?. Thanks the scanner is awesome

  6. Nice video. Please what time frame are you using for the swing trade using the custom scan? I would think it's the day – time frame, but i am not getting the same result on the chart. The 50SMA is still above, i very sure of the my command on the custom scan. Please let me know what you think please.
    Thank you.

  7. Can I have your email Id pls? Need to discuss a scanner every day give explosive stocks but after it goes up, how to catch it before is the question,I will email u my scan so u too can test it put it as alerts n test it will be great if u can test n modify to catch it early,not sure how to backrest.

  8. If i get 40 give on 60 it will 100billion….its attempys for quantity move to a big quantity for quality…. 10crore peoples use 10peny its move to110.0000000000.00. For more gud on keep it ups.

  9. Good info. I have been working on some uptrend / dip scans in TOS for swing trading too. It seems that trends can be found using MAs but the trick is finding the dips. I have been experimenting with the TTM Trend scan parameter. It detects when there is a up or down trend so I use it to find dips on my momentum list. Not precise but seems to work.

  10. I also had the biggest red day today I started the day buying a market buy on Dgaz on a spike up and got filled at the highest point. I then panic sold it thinking it’s Ugaz season Dgaz prob wouldn’t recover. I got filled at 105.29. One question would you be able to make a video on how to avg down? For example u take a 1/5 position on Ugaz when is too soon to buy in again? Some people say buy in again at a support buy if it’s the same day then what if tomorrow it drops more? What do you think sir? Given let’s say 25k account

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