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How to Withdraw Money from Webull

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Today we are going over how to withdraw on Webull.

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  1. Question if I deposited $100 to get my 3 free stocks will the original $100 be available to withdraw back into my checking account at some point? Its been almost 7 days webull still says $0 is available to tranfer

  2. I do not recommend Webull! I have had so many problems using it! Etrade is so much better! I tried Webull out for their 2 free stocks. Well never got the free stock and only have had problems. Other platforms are much easier to trade.

  3. Hi there. I just starting buying stock about a month ago. So far i have 3000 on stocks. And i seen cash withdraw as well. Giving amounts of 300 dollars to withdraw. What is this money, is it your profit or a loan? I still dont understand where this from. Is profit or loan.

  4. I've been trying to withdraw for MONTHS now. NOTHING has changed about my account. It keeps getting denied and customer service keeps giving me these generic responses. I'm SOOOOOOO irritated

  5. Hey guys I looked up WEBULL they appear to be a Chinese Tech Firm. Be careful with them just a heads up as they have to share your info with CCP by PRC law.

  6. Wow. Incredible timing. I'm going through this for the first time right now and the two days is an eternity… Sold TSLA for a Tesla down payment and the anticipation/waiting game is agonizing

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